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Office Chair Features For Comfort

Being an office worker, it is obvious that you spend most of your time working while you are sitting. Doing this requires that you have a good office chair with the features that can provide you with comfort like the one on


These are stationary foot for users who do not need to roll while sitting in the chair. A seat with this feature is ideal to use in conference rooms, waiting areas, and also it can provide comfort to people working at an office desk.

Gas Lifts

They are used to adjust the height of the seat according to the desk so as to offer comfort to the person using it. It makes it easier for you to move your desk chair closer to the workstation so as to reduce straining while reading from your computer.


When selecting a chair, it is nice to choose one based on the type of floor of your office Some casters such as metal casters can work very well on an industry carpet. Choosing the chair with casters that fit your room floor material will help in preventing any interference when you move your chair.

Adjustable Arms

If you have plans to buy an office chair, then consider choosing one that has adjustable arms. You can use the arms to move closer to your computer, and they can also help relieve or take tension off your neck while you type.

Free Float

It is another important feature that you should not ignore if you want to be comfortable while working. It is good for people who like reading due to its rocking action that encourages movement to allow you to change your sitting posture thus helping in the circulation blood.

Since sitting in an office for a long time may lead to impaired blood flow, weakened muscles and back pains, it is advisable to use a chair that has the features that can provide comfort and ease the pain.

Rock Little ones to sleep with awesome memory foam mattress

best nights sleep on memory foamBuying the best memory foam mattresses could sound as simple as a walk in the park, but some of the safety precautions from the consumer reports point that poor choices of these mattresses could lead to serious allergic or health reactions that are bad for the baby. A good memory foam mattress should have several features that are so crucial such that if anything were to go wrong, it could warrant for a recall of the product if not a complete ban. Anyway, as a concerned mother or custodian here is what you have to look for when buying a memory foam mattress for your child:

Presence of Chemicals

Good memory foam mattresses should be free from harmful substances or chemicals that in the long run react to the baby. In the late 20th Century, some of the chemicals that were involved when manufacturing PVC mattresses for babies included phosphorus and arsenic, which translated to possible inhalation of poisonous gases. Even though the findings were highly debated, the risks were inevitable. So various measures were put in place, even though there are still several reservations, therefore, consider getting memory foam mattresses that have been certified as pvc free air mattress that are free of any chemicals.

Pre-treated or not Pre-treated

A good memory foam mattress should be at least pre treated with infant friendly chemicals to avoid the creation of friendly environments for bacteria and other micro-organisms. As long as the mattress is pre-treated it will create a hostile environment for harmful micro-organisms. Caregivers are also urged to aerate their mattresses once in a while to avoid creating breeding grounds for other organisms.

The firmness of the surface

As you grow older spongy or bouncy mattresses will sound like a perfect choice, however, not for the babies. Babies need a firm mattress to avoid suffocating, in case it sinks in. Therefore, the best way to ensure this, is by using your hands or fist to press on the memory foam mattress and see if it sinks, a good one should not. You can also get a memory foam mattress pad to reinforce the firmness of the mattress that is, if you feel uncomfortable with how deep it sinks.

Well aerated

High quality memory foam mattresses usually have holes on the sides and this means that the air circulation is great. The more aerated a mattress is, the lower the chances of creating habitable environments for micro-organisms.

High quality memory foam mattresses should have all features necessary to create a nice and clean sleeping environment for your baby. Some of the best mattresses will have product specifications that act as a guide on what you are getting. Good memory foam mattresses have an average lifespan of 4 to 12 years with an approximate of 7 years with regular use. It is important to note that memory foam mattress lifespan is not clearly correlated with its marked price. In other words, paying more for a memory foam mattress does not ensure a significantly longer mattress lifespan. On the other hand, you can look for those who have been through this and would be glad to share their experiences.